Destiny Camp VI ✨

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"My dear, I wish you well in all things and good health, just as your soul prospers!" (3 John 2)

Are you experiencing well-being in all things 🤔? How about your health? And your soul? God wants you to prosper in all things ✨. He not only desires it but has already made provisions for it. Perhaps this concept seems foreign and distant to you. Is it not because you are far away from God, the only one who can truly ensure your well-being in all things?

We are Youth Challenge International (YCI), a Christian youth movement born from the Christian Missionary Fellowshio International (CMFI) in 2015. Our goal is simple: to reach young people (without age restrictions - we believe that one is young at heart) with the good news of the Gospel, providing them with life-changing encounters with God so that they become disciples of the Lord Jesus. This is the path through which we strive to fulfill the command of the Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20.

To achieve this goal, we organize conferences or retreats once or twice a year on topics that concern and connect youth to Christ: salvation, healing, deliverance, etc. 🤩; academic excellence 📚; career or apprenticeship 👨🏼‍🏫; social relevance 🤲🏼; financial management 💸, and more. The aim is to help young people find purpose in life through a personal relationship with their creator, experience well-being in all things, and become relevant to society.

Practically, we also emphasize that young people discover and express their talents ✨ such as singing, dancing, painting, for the glory of God and the benefit of others. We seek experienced christian mentors to enrich our audience in these various areas. Subsequently, we hear more and more from young people who attend our events and have been transformed by God. We call these retreats "DESTINY CAMP," and they take place over the Easter weekend. These are times when we disconnect from daily life, come closer to God together, to discover our "Destiny" or calling.

This year, Destiny Camp 6 will take place from March 29 to April 1, 2024, in Bad Homburg Von der Höhe near Frankfurt on the Main. 800 young people will participate. How do I, as a young person, relate to faith? How do I manage money wisely? Can I overcome addictions? Loved, in love, engaged, married. Or not? It's about your well-being in all things. Beyond these questions, we look forward to inspiring testimonies, uplifting worship, new encounters, and exciting performances. Don't miss out: Please register immediately and share this message with others 🔥🫵🏼!

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Cynthia from Youth Challenge

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Organizing such an event is extremely costly and requires enormous resources 😢. There are costs for accommodation in a hotel, organizational costs for transportation, room reservations, various meals and many other financial burdens. For this reason, the Youth Challenge International organization has used its own resources to make the event affordable for most participants 🥳. Our price list can be seen on the flyer below:

Celebrate DC6

To participate in the event, you must follow the steps below:

1- Register by filling out the form below with your various information.

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The event program is now available. You can obtain it by clicking here.

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