About : Destiny Camp 4 πŸ”₯

A life without purpose ... what a shame πŸ˜₯

Are you still alive? Are you still breathing? If so, that's great. But what are the effects of your life? Every time you breathe in and out, you change the state of the air around you. So just by your presence on earth, world events are affected. Did you know that? Your life has a purpose and you must seize it, just as you must capture the oxygen you need to breathe. It is time that you try to understand what your purpose is to be. Don't just look at your repeated failures, your inabilities, your illnesses, your despair in the face of the world situation we have been experiencing for several years, in the face of the threat of war, in the face of the economic crisis. Your life has a destiny and every destiny has an impact on this world. That is why you should not miss this event. Come with us to this retreat from 30.09 to 02.10.2022.

Come and understand the meaning of your destiny and what you need to do to enter into it. Come and stand under a rain of grace and hope to release God's power over your life. This issue 4 of Destiny Camp is certainly the open door to a promising new beginning for you.

**Don't miss this opportunity!

Did you not take part in it ? 😱

The Destiny Camp was great and it's a shame if you missed it. But you can still participate in Destiny Camp 5, which will take place in April 2023. So ... get ready and contact us now if you want to participate πŸ”₯. But I have some good news for you: You can follow the Destiny Camp on our Youtube channel (in the navigation menu).